Ruto Says Glad There’s National Consensus On Payment Of Taxes

 President William Ruto has insisted that everybody must pay their taxes, saying that is the only way to save the country from spiraling debt and ensure development.

Speaking during a thanksgiving church service in Ruai, within Nairobi’s Kasarani Constituency, President Ruto said denied assertions the debate is politically motivated.


President Ruto said that when it comes to paying taxes all Kenyans will be treated equally, with each one expected to pay their fair share of taxes.

“We have agreed that everybody must pay tax, and am happy that we are now coming to an agreement that taxes must be paid,” he said.

“This the best consensus we can have as a nation because it is the only way that will save our country from debts,” the President added.

Grace period

The President asked the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to give those arrears an opportunity to settle their debts amicably without victimizing anyone.

The Head of State further directed government agencies with ongoing court disputes with KRA over tax issues to withdraw them and resolve the matters outside court.

“There will be a circular that all government agencies can’t take KRA to court. We can’t use public money to go to court so as to stop paying taxes that support public entities, we have to be united, seamless and organized,” the President added.

The tax debate has gained momentum in the country after a section of Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders alleged that some senior people in the country have been evading taxes.


This prompted a response from the former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta to respond to the claims after the Kenyatta business empire was put on the spotlight.

Mama Ngina said the claims were baseless, adding that there are procedures on matters of taxes. She contended that one cannot avoid paying taxes because it is against the country’s law.

“If all these reports are true then they should reclaim the money from the businesses,” she said while addressing a church congregation on Saturday.

“Why do they get excited when they mention other people’s names?” she posed.

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