Sabasaba protests in Kisii flop as traders remain edgy

Police in Kisii intensified security patrols across the County capital streets ahead of the anticipated Sababa protests Sunday.

By late afternoon, however, no protester had turned up.

There were, however, lorry loads of officers in riot gear spotted patrolling the town by 3.00 in the afternoon.

Heavy rains that were about to fall also appear to had put brakes on the planned protests.

Traders said failure by the protesters to turn up gave them room to do business albeit cautiously .

Evans Mogute who had lost his entire stock to looters during the Tuesday protests said already they have suffered significant losses to the string of anti government demos.

He asked those who plan and fund the demos to be sensitive to the plight of traders also.

“Nobody has helped me, i only picked this fresh stiock on debt from my supplier and any further protests and looting would ground me completely,” he told the Star on Sunday.

The trader had lost dozens of caps and the president’s portraits.

Also smashed were mirrors causing him thousands of shillings of loss.

He claimed the portrait of the president he was selling that day may had angered a section of the protesters who descended on his wares with fury.

” I recovered nothing by the time they had left ,” he stated.

At the Capital Round About, the vendors remained apprehensive for the better part of Sunday as they anticipated another of Sabasaba demos.

Next to them some other traders who had lost their phones were yet to re-open their shops.

A dealer told journalists the looting of her ware was traumatizing enough.

“Nobody wants to relive the events to that day. It may help little whether i talk or not,” she stated.