Samidoh Is Still In Love With Karen Nyamu

By now, we’re used to the shenanigans of Karen Nyamu & popular Mugithi singer Samidoh. Even after their relationship was denigrated by Vice President Riggy G, the two don’t seem to give a damn on his sentiments.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua light-heartedly asked Samidoh to take charge of his family matters & avoid taking their predicaments out of the country.

Anything For Love

'Samidoh huniagusha lakini hajawai angusha watoto' - Karen Nyamu speaks on co-parenting

Recently, Samidoh released a song dubbed ‘bado nakupenda’ in tandem with Luo singer Prince Indah. The song has been termed as a dedication to Karen Nyamu.

Netizens admonished Karen Nyamu to give a response to the singer’s song for it was dedicated to her. But she’s not buying that.


Karen Nyamu stated that she was done & dusted with the Mugithi star after an altercation with his wife Edday Nderitu in Dubai in December 2022.

Nyamu was quick to point out that her decision to publicly announce the break was fueled by the manner in which the drama was witnessed.

She refuted the claims that she’s a drunkard and that her actions were fueled by alcohol. Karen Nyamu vowed not to be involved in another scandal involving Samidoh. But I bet the song will definitely impress Nyamu and make her think otherwise.

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