Serial Fraudster Dismas Mong’are Strikes Again

Dismas Obanyi Mong’are is a notorious Tinder con artist who has made a career out of preying on vulnerable women.

Known by the alias Dominic Asewe Juma, Mong’are has a long history of defrauding his victims by posing as a wealthy businessman, charming them with his silver tongue, and then disappearing with their money.

But despite numerous run-ins with the law, Mong’are seems to always find his way back onto the dating app, ready to ensnare his next victim.

In fact, on one occasion, he jumped off the balcony of his house to flee from detectives who had gone to arrest him for obtaining money via false pretense contrary to section 313 of the penal code.

This time around, it seems that Mong’are has upgraded his con game to a new level.

According to reports, he recently conned a Kenyan car broker in Bamburi, Mombasa by posing as an Absa Bank employee interested in purchasing a motor vehicle.

Mong’are fate remains uncertain.

But one thing is clear: his reign of terror cannot continue unchecked.

We hope relevant authorities will quickly expedite this matter and ensure justice is served for the victim.

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