Size 8 launches her own church, Christ Revealed Ministries in Nairobi’s busy city

Size 8 finally has her own gig going almost 1 and a half years since she was ordained as preacher – who then started practicing her role at JCC church before embarking on a solo journey as a prophet of God.

Well as revealed online we understand that size 8 has not been shy sharing news of her new church which will be known as Christ Revealed ministries….and just like name describes the ministry….this is exactly what Size 8 is aiming for.

Size 8 ordained as preacher

Speaking on this, the preacher confirmed that indeed she has left JCC to start her own…..let me call it business where she will run the work of God – since this is what she has been aiming for.

Yes, Christ Revealed Ministries is a newly founded church ministry by God’s will, and by God’s grace, it will run till Jesus Christ returns. Meetings for now run every Friday from 5 pm.

Size 8’s Ministry

Well having started her career as a secular singer – before changing to gospel music means Size 8 will have fans from both the gospel and secular aspect of music…..which by the way is a smart idea considering that both worlds can relate with the kind of life she has since lived.

Preacher Size 8

Again…as you have seen all over the world – one business that continues to thrive in our generations is the church business. I mean we have had pastors, Bishops featuring on Forbes magazine….all because they run a ministry and of course as usual….no one cares to question a man of God on how he handles tithes and offerings, right?


Here in Kenya we have had the likes of Kanyari among others who have clearly benefitted from running the church business….and since they are now entering retirement – new replacements have started to come up….and like i said, the church business never grows old – but what cahnges is the tactic applied on the victims....but oh must make money in the end.

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