Soft life or bun in the oven? Linet Toto’s sudden weight gain leaves tongues wagging

Linet Toto was recently elected as woman representative in Bomet County women and being then youngest female politician to be elected….she undeniably became an internet sensation for most kenyans on social media admiring passion.

Its however been 5 months since she won the elections and truth is – this must have been the best thing that happened to her – simply because we too have started seeing the effects of having soft life.


Well if you remember, Linet Toto was a promax kienyeji from the village (I say this with alot of love) with very innocent face – and something about her old self screamed ‘poverty’ …..but for some reason emerged a winner during the August elections and just like her life was elevated.

Linet Toto with boda boda rider

Baby on board or soft life?

I know we are happy to see the growth in her life and apart from that – many have also noticed she seems to have gained massive weight in just a few months….a good change – but at the same time alarming judging from how fast her fiance proposed to her.


Well, I am thinking maybe there could be a good reason behind the sudden weight gain and proposal…..so could it be that….maybe….i said maybe…a bun in the oven? Considering her fiance already has 3 other kids from an alleged previous relationship.

Linet Toto expecting first child?

Not that we can confirm this….but looking at the photos taken during the proposal – youll notice that Linet Toto is dressed in a free dress….again, another obvious hint….but like i said – we cannot confirm but speculate.

But at 25 years….and with all the loving she has been getting since her win – there 50/50 the two have or are planning on starting a family together.

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