South Mugirango MP apologizes over funeral fracas

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro has sent apologies over chaos at a burial Tuesday in his constituency that forced County Governor Simba Arati to flee.

Several cars, most of them County owned, were vandalized as goons rained stones as the County boss scampered off the scene.

The Governor is, however, is yet to give a statement regarding the incident.

Security agencies in Kisii also say neither Osoro nor the governor had filed a complaint by Thursday evening.

They , however, assured of active investigations into the issue.

“I say pole to the affected family who were mourning their loved one. It is sad the program ended prematurely ,” MP Osoro said in a tweet.

Anger, he defended himself , got hold of his supporters thus reacting defensively to the situation.

“I wish i could pursuade them from stopping the governor from addressing. It was overwhelming and such situations should not be encouraged next time,” he stated.

Kisii Governor Simba did not pick calls from the Star to give a comment.

The calls went unanswered for the better of Wednesday and Thursday.

He, however, did a private visit to asses damage to tpart of the Mother and Child Hospital razed down by a mysterious fire on Monday night.

Police in Kisii said there was no connection between the Tuesday funeral skirmishes and the bodaboda chaos in the County Capital.

“They are both isolated incidents. Though nobody has filed a statement we have begun investigations,” stated Kases.

Mp Osoro spoke of protocol hitches from the governor’s team that helped spark the chaos.

The fracas nearly caused a stampede forced mourners to scamper to safety.

Boikanga ward MCA Paul Ayiema whose father was being buried condemned the dkirmishes.

County Policies Commander Charles Kases said there had been no fatalities or injuries from the chaos .

“We have taken up the matter so that we investigate the originator of of this choas and summon them,”Said Kases.

Both Governor Arati and MP Osoro left the burial halfway after the ceremony was disrupted.

Bodaboda operators accused Osoro of causing the chaos of.

And late Thursday a section of South Mugirango resident told Arati off accusing him of undermining their MP.

They called for unity between the two leaders.