City Journalist steps up his efforts of peace meetings in Kibera slums

Star journalists Clause Masika has stepped up his efforts of educating slum residents in Makina and Katwekera in his efforts to reduce crime related convictions.

” I always had a dream of helping the poor especially those from the slum areas to change their behaviours and that is exactly what I am doing, ” he told our team.

Masika despite being a court journalist has been distributing banana’s to the less fortunate as he tries to get deeper inside the African Largest slums.

” Most of them have been charged in court with robbery with violence, grievous harm, defilement and even rape, through this initiative, I try my best to use banana’s to get in touch with some of the youths,” he said.

He said that his Komesha Uhalifu program has been greatly affected by lack of cash, team and sometimes insecurity.

” Some days you may be attacked by rogue youths, I was attacked by some three youths and I lost my phone but this keeps me even stronger,” he said .

He calls upon well wisher to help him access a larger population by material and financial support.

” We need to use the media platforms, social media platforms, organize some workshops, reach partners to help us achieve our dream, we even needs cash to put our security intact,” he said.

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