The story of Cynthia Muthoni Kamau, an enterprenuer extra-ordinaire who beat all odds to be a top-tier in business mastery.

“Our business is operated on the basis of our capacity to be able to accomplish our committed activities.” – MANAGING DIRECTOR, AIDRIAN INVESTMENT

Cynthia Kamau, Managing Director Aidrian Investment, has beaten all odds to excel as one of the city’s female entrepreneurs who have scaled the business ranks. She describes her company as a top tier that ensures the processes it follows are designed to deliver a high-quality outcome for its clients and the industry in general. The company is committed to professional delivery and has provided an extensive range of innovative services catering for the Professional, Commercial, Industrial and the Domestic cleaning industry.
Founded on the eve preceding the pandemic in 2017, the company has taken a considerably incredible short time to compete withing the big business league. With a background career in banking, Cynthia has a strong passion and believe in business building a business foundation that performs under credibility and transparency using them as her pillars for growth and success.
“Our business is operated on the basis of our capacity to be able to accomplish our committed activities. We buy our products from reputable manufacturers and agents that through their own quality control measures can assure us that what we buy is of high quality,” she says.
“We offer different types of activities such as issuing letters of credit, lending, export credit financing to offering a full range of products such as general office supplies like stationery and computer accessories.”
Aidrian Investment has successfully established itself as a reliable general supplier provider to accommodate small and big sized companies and deliver customer satisfaction in compliance with the law and ethics.
Located at Uniafric House, 1st Flr, Suite No. 146, in the heart of the city, Cynthia has steered the company which now boasts of the ability to deliver the full set of pre and post-sales support services required to make a true difference to your business and service delivery needs. “We don’t just sell. We support every job with realistic advice and information aimed at improving your operations and reducing your overall cost base,”she says.
Our success is primarily based on customizing client requirements to create true commercial value for the client and our established client base proofs that we have made a name for ourselves.