Ugali Sukuma Daily? Wife attacks The Star Newspaper Journalist for over feeding her Ugali, Sukuma

There was tension at an estate in Nairobi  after The Star Journalist was attacked by his own wife for alledgly over feeding her with Ugali Sukuma for several months.

The handsome short, bearded , dark and strong man was beaten up and his efforts to explain the circumstances were rejected on arrival.

According to the Neighbours aware of the matter, the journalist had contracted a mama Mboga and he had even paid an initial payment of Sh 1700 for the green leaves which was to run to October 17.

He did this on the ground that  the company’s mode of payments were unpredictable hence  he needed to fix some basic meals loopholes.

” That woman  nearly killed that man, the Journalist looked depressed and he had  earlier  informed me that the Star had  not paid its employees for over 8 months” she said.

The Mama Mboga urged The Star Newspaper to pay its journalists on time to help them over come such challenges.

” Women do understand their men but when things move out of control they may over react, we had the commotion at around 9pm and on visiting the place we saw the man struggling to explain a certain theory that fails to rescue him from the assault,” she added.

More to follow….