“Umekanyaga Wire Mbaya Sana”! Nairobi MCA  warns Parklands Resident as illegal houses are set up

Eastleigh Airbase MCA Faud Hussein has sent a chilling threat to a Parklands resident that he has stepped on the wrong wire by writting a letter to the Nairobi County’s Built Environment and Urban Planning Committee demanding that people who demolished houses and cut down age-old original trees along Mwambao Lane off Limuru Rd without the Planning Committee’s permission be ordered to restore the land to its original condition as required by the County Physical and Land Use Act.
In a recorded phone call that has since gone viral, the MCA has threatened Alfred Ndambiri using unprintable words, warning him that his letters to the County Goverment, NEMA and NCA will not stop him and his people from building high-end residential apartments in Parklands and especially the area along City Park Drive.
In the call the MCA further warns Mr. Ndambiri to stop imagining that he can stop the development “the way has tried with Yussufs’s projects”.
The Yussuf projects is the construction of a 16 storey building along Taza Lane off City Park Drive Parklands where Ameey Homes Ltd used forged documents to demolish houses and destroy beautiful environment to start construction of the high rise apartments in an area where there is no Nairobi Water sewer line and the Private Developed Sewer failed to take off. Ameey Homes has also used similar forged documents together with Sustainable Development Solutions Limited to claim ownership to the land which belongs to Harambee SACCO Society.
Construction work on Taza Lane has been stopped several times by NCA and NEMA and event Warrants of Arrest issued by Kibera Court against the Ameey’s Site Supervisor.
Its not the first time Mr. Ndambiri and other Parklands residents are being threatened by people who claim “hii Kenya ni yetu sasa”. The earlier threats have been reported at Parklands Police Station, Gigiri Police Station and Nairobi Region office as Nos OB 4/11/2022, 65/20/12/2021, 41/18/04/2022, 32/25/04/2022 and 36/30/8/2022.
NCA and NEMA who received the  residents’ complaint have acknowledged and confirmed that the demolitions and cutting down trees was done without any compliance with the law.
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