We can’t promise you more than Sh380bn, Gachagua tells Governors

We can’t promise you more than Sh380bn, Gachagua tells Governor

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has told Governors the government cannot promise them more than Sh380 billion for their counties.

Speaking in Mombasa on Thursday, Gachagua said the government does not want to commit to something they will be unable to deliver.

He also warned that the Sh380 million is not also guaranteed but subject to revenue collection.

“We will try looking for Sh385 billion. We are not promising. We will try,” said the deputy President.

He spoke as he closed the 4-day Post-Election Seminar for Senators.

On the one hand, the Council of Governors has said they want Sh425 billion for the counties to work effectively, on the other hand the Commission on Allocation of Revenue has proposed Sh407 billion for the counties.

However, the government has said it can only look for Sh380 billion for the counties.

“Don’t force is to give lies. If you force us, we shall lie be ause you are our bosses,” said Gachagua.

He said the government currently collects around Sh2.2 trillion against a budget of Sh3.6 trillion.

So unless the revenue collection improves, and gets to Sh3 trillion, the government cannot makes unrealistic promises.

“The President and I are Christians. We cannot lie.

“If you want you want to remove our trousers and whip us in the buttocks, fine. But we don’t want to cheat Governor’s,” said the DP.

Senate Speaker Amason Kingi said the different figures that counties need are because some of the functions have not been fully unbundled and are still being help by the national government.

He said once the unbundling of county functions is done, there will be a common figure across the board because unbundling helps in costing.

“For example, if it is health, we will be able to cost what the health needs of the counties are and be able to cost it,” said Kingi.

Gachagua said President William Ruto is committed to completing the unbundling of the functions.

He said the government has scheduled summit and informal meetings with Governors from next week so as to discuss how to complete the unbundling of county functions.

Gachagua said the Senate and his office should work more closely to ensure counties and devolution wwork

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