Whistle blower: Probe National Drought Management Authority over graft, spending.


A whistle blower now wants the state to order for a probe into Hared Adam Hassan led national drought authority management over spending.

While speaking to this reporter behind the Camera, a former legislator said that the Authority is ineffective and most of its work was long time taken over by the red cross.
” What is the function of this Authority, where do the Authority takes the money allocated to it, everytime we see red cross doing its job , this trend needs to be investigated,” he said.

He urged the Chief Executive of the Authority Mr.Hared Adam Hassan to come out clean and shed the light in the matter for the interest of the public.
” Alot of money that has been channelled to the Authority needs to be accounted for, the Authority is in action even as Drought continues to hit,” he added.

He said that the Authority and it’s leadership has continued to hold indoor meetings without hitting the ground.

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