Why Kenyans are curious about Anerlisa Muigai’s fertility

Right off the bat let’s make it clear that the question Anerlisa Muigai was asked about whether or not she’s barren was completely inappropriate. There is no excuse for anyone to try and put another person on the spot about such a private and personal matter.

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That said it was a rather odd comment that was posted on an innocuous series of photos she had posted to her Instagram account. The photos featured her with other influential women by their politicians or entrepreneurs.

In fact, it wasn’t a question and Anerlisa Muigai was asked but more an accusation as the commenter simply said that he can see that she is the only one barren in that series of photos. Anyway this was largely due to schadenfreude in the sense that this man felt that the only way he could bring her down was buying alluding to her infertility.

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But why do Kenyans keep asking her about such a sensitive topic? And it’s not just men who bring this issue up but women to a guilty of constantly harassing her and other celebrities who are in their thirties and do not have children whether they are married or not.

Anerlisa Muigai

In Anerlisa Muigai’s case, the fact that she was married seems to only had a crazy accelerant to the fire stopped by idiots. She herself has never spoken about the fact that she and her ex-husband, Ben Pol whenever blessed with kids. So why is this such an inviting topic to busy bodies?

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Well we’ve already covered the first aspect of it which is schadenfreude. That is a term psychologists use to explain the satisfaction people get from seeing celebrities and Powerful individuals stumble and fail in life. However, this goes much deeper and the root of it can be found within our African culture.

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In Zimbabwe the concept of it is known as “wastage”. Simply put this is how in their culture they describe it when a woman passes on either as a virgin or she passes on without leaving behind children. This concept is a very African concept even though Kenyans don’t necessarily have it at the forefront of their minds. Anerlisa Muigai finds herself the victim of the same concept and an example of how Kenyans translate it is seen when an individual whether male or female passes away and one of the comments that people will make when they find out that they left behind no children is that it is sad that individual did not leave behind a legacy.

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The sad reason why this topic is very tantalizing for busybodies who don’t know how to shut up is because in African culture when a couple is married it is almost anathema for them not to beget progeny. Also there is the understanding that the older a woman becomes the more difficult it is for her to give birth first two healthy babies and secondly for her to survive the very dangerous process of childbirth. This is termed by medical practitioners as geriatric pregnancy.

NERO company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai

When a woman gets to the age of 30 more often than not she has expended 90% of her viable ovaries. This makes conception at this age are rather difficult affair. Add to this the fact that at 35 she is now not only in danger of dying during the process of childbirth but the kids now run the risk of being born with mental deficiencies or physical handicaps.

Unfortunately, Anerlisa Muigai has captured the imagination of very many people with regards to infertility due to these reasons and because a lot of Kenyans are ill-mannered and do not know which topics not to speak on, she becomes the target of a campaign led by oddball cheerleaders for her to conceive and sire children.

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