Why the state has suspended construction works in Parklands

The National Construction Authority  has  stopped a rogue developer  from proceedings with his illegal non-approval constructions of buildings in Parklands, within Nairobi County.

Through a notice to the developer, the NCA stated that the works were illegal, and no legality was followed in the entire process. “ In exercise of powers granted under section 23(2) of the National  Construction Authority act no.41 of 2011 and following the inspection carried out on the works at your constructions site by the undersigned , the works were found to be NON – COMPLIANT on the following items(s) marked (X) and are  hereby  SUSPENDED with IMMEDIATE  effect,” the NCA stated.

The construction works was going on along Mwambao Road in Parklands within Nairobi County.

Just adjacent to the said works, another rogue developer AMEEY homes has erected some structures that the resident wants the state to pull them down.

Last weekend , residents raised alarm  through city lawyer Daniel Ngoli of Legal Trust Fund  Alfred Ndambiri, a resident called on the state to act to stop the constructions of the said works saying that they were illegal and environmental hazard.

They also cited the mode of approvals and whether it had a well-planned sewer line.

 The residents had told the NCA that  no clear mode of approval was granted and that the rogue developer had illegally demolished houses from the nearby building including the property belonging to the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi.

“ Since the work began on Monday, January 9th we have not been served by a public sewer line and the developers had no plans and we just want to tell the state that the  proposed project was  a ticking bomb to the area resident in coming years,” he stated.

The neighbors who  include  the Regina Pacis monastry of the Catholic Church, owners of a guest house in an adjacent piece of land whose walls are said to be already damaged.

Responding to the suspensions,  Ndabiri and other area residents  thanked the NCA for the good work done .

Ngoli on his side called on the state to bring that the adjacent  AMEEY Homes structures that were constructed illegal and safe the future tenants from a catastrophe.

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