Willis Raburu to marry fiance, Ivy Namu in months time

Willis Raburu must really be a lucky man to walk down the aisle two times in less than 5 years. I mean, some of us can’t even keep a relationship going for a month but Willis Raburu can have two weddings in less than a decade….mehn he must really understand the love language.

Willis Raburu at fiancés baby shower

Anyway months after they were blessed with their second born baby – Willis Raburu seems quite ready to wife Ivy Namu now that she has proven shes not only a committed partner but an amazing mum to their two kids.

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For this reason Willis Raburu now says he cant wait to exchange vows with his baby mama and for those wondering…the wedding will be happening sooner than you think and now that he has shed off enough unwanted weight…..Raburu is ready for some good wedding portraits.

“I can say it is definitely going to be between the months of January and December of this year, I can’t wait,” Said Raburu with ear to ear smile and excitement in his voice.

Willis Raburu on daddy duties

Willis bitter ex relationship

Raburu’s wedding update comes just a few weeks after his ex wife Ms Maryaprude left a rather bitter comment on a post that talked about women carrying their baby daddy’s DNA in their system for 7 years after a pregnancy.

Judging from what she wrote, that is;

Well clearly theres some healing she needs to work towards to and maybe forgiveness since the relationship already failed….and instead of having to carry all that pain – yet Raburu’s life is moving on smoothly….how about she allows some healing to happen?

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Anyway they say time heals everything and having broken up 2 years ago….maybe its baby steps for Ms Maryaprude who continues to battle her broken feelings…..but again – nothing lasts forever. Even pain.

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