Willy Paul jokes on Bahati are getting a little dusty

Bahati’s new song my sweety featuring Joyce Wamama has been receiving alot of airplay and the views on YT confirm it is indeed a great collabo. However not eveyone seems to appreciate the hard work these two artists put in to deliver the new banger.

image source:ghafla

One of them unfortunately turns out to be Willy Pozee who went to throw shade at Bahati for dropping a collabo as his first project in 2023; and went on to compare to himself with Bahati telling fans the they should see the difference between a real artist (himself) and a made up one.

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Ouch. Not sure why Pozee felt the need to share his thoughts on Bahati’s collabo but truth is Willy Pozee enjoys drama and what better way than mockery? Willy Paul wrote;

A real artist anafungua mwaka na solo hit sio collabo singing? Wasani wame panic wengi but Nailsea sio kila mtu anaweza kuwa POZZE MR.UMEME…

Lastborn behaviour

Well with the comment, Willy Paul was not only able to draw some attention to himself but to his music now that he has a few songs out and being a controversial artist – well he got what he wanted.

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However I cant help but wonder how long these two are planning to drag this so called beef between them…I mean are they not all on 3rd floor? And time moving so fast, who has time to keep up with post teen behaviors? Honestly it’s about time they put an end to all this…but again it’s business.

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