WOOSH Unveils Challenge to Plant a Million Trees in a Year

WOOSH team has kick started a countrywide tree planting in an initiative dabbed #OneMillionTrees. The Project is an initiative that entails a mega plan of planting over one million trees over a period of time. The WOOSH Team started off at Kereita Forest and with the help of government officers from Kenya Forestry, Kereita Wilderness and the community, they planted a THOUSAND trees.

Woosh is a consumer goods brand with an international trading and branding services group based in Nairobi, Kenya, founded in 2018 with the vision to establish high-quality local African brands, to lead a fashionable lifestyle with a strong attitude, and to grow up together with the younger generation in Africa.
The Company has a mission to give back to Kenyan society and grow with the new generation. Woosh employs over 200 Kenyan youths including new graduates from top universities in Nairobi and we are trying to feed more Kenyan families. We are also providing more job opportunities for creatives, sales, accountants, admins, riders, drivers and many other positions.
The team chose Kereita Forest due to its historical nature. The forest, which is located in Kiambu County, was used as a hideout for the Mau Mau. Since independence, and the fact that the area was known to be MauMau hideout, it has been regarded as a site or a place of interest. The place has multiple caves, which the MauMau fighters could have used as their hide outs and also as shelter.

The Forest is also a hub of trees with medicinal value and more than 200 species of birds, also it’s known as the haven for the Bird-watchers. Kereita forest favours the tourists who come to pay the visit to the forest with several activities to be done by them during their safari.

Kereita forest covers an area of 4,720 ha, of which 75 % is indigenous forest, 8 % is exotic forest, the rest being bamboo, shrubland and some herbaceous trees. Kereita forest contributes a huge percentage of water that Nairobians consume.

However, statistics shows that since the start of human civilization, 46% of trees from the forest cover have been cleared.

In 2019 alone, the country lost thousands of acres of tree cover to deforestation, logging and fires — equivalent to a soccer field of trees every six seconds.

New findings suggest that deforestation, alongside rising temperatures, is transforming what’s left of the forests, keeping trees smaller and younger.

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