Zari Wouldn’t Care Replacing Her Young Boyfriend

Zari’s uncanny love for youngins is beyond measure. By now, it’s imminent to us that Zari will always find a replacement for her ben 10 boyfriends. To be honest, she’s a hottie who’s flawless beauty is enough to make a man simp for her.

To compliment her impeccable beauty, Zari is a billionaire and has accumulated wealth over the years. For this reason, Zari always gets to choose whom to love. I mean, who would resist such a beauty with all her riches? Quite hard.

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Anyway, Zari recently sparked rumours that they’re not in good terms with her boyfriend Shakib after she posted on snapchat talking about how once betrayed or lied to, trust becomes an issue.

However, Shakib eased things up after sharing photos alongside Zari’s kids- meaning it wasn’t that serious.

Zari with new boyfriend, King K

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Love Easy For Zari To Find

That being said, it’s important to note that Zari is never tardy to replace her boyfriends whenever they go their separate ways. And Shakib would be no exception if it happens that they break-up. I mean, Zari has shown us over the past year that she’s able to do so, right? It means that Shakib should be meticulous with his moves, or else…

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