Bungoma Auditor accuses CPA Waswa Madesto of lack of skills, fake life

A famous Auditor from Bungoma is now accusing CPA Madesto Waswa of lacking skills in the field of auditors.

While speaking exclusively to a section of Bungoma based reporters, the famous CPA who wanted his name hidden said that Waswa was a new comer with alot of activities that are not necessary in the field of Accountants.

” He is faking things, my advice to him is that he has alot to learn from us but now you see he is only faking things, he does not know how Accountants and Auditors operate,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to use social media to scrutinize the type of Auditors they want to associate with saying that too much publicity does not prove that someone is a good Auditor.

” We have alot of clients than him but you see, we don’t fake things through the press, infact when Auditors and accountants are called today, Waswa needs to remain in his house,” he added

6 thoughts on “Bungoma Auditor accuses CPA Waswa Madesto of lack of skills, fake life

  1. So true , that man works in a very ‘quacky’ manner ,he has lied to several people that he’s pursuing his masters degree yet he’s at Kibabii University 3rd year ,B.com…these lies are the basis of his clients’ great belief in him… he harasses his employees and does not follow any part of the contract. Poor working conditions ,unclear reporting lines ….the wife is the partner in the audit firm yet she has zero qualifications ..The auditor himself isn’t ready to work with beginners and help them understand anything that pertains auditing , he only delegates paperwork to them and for the whole period you’ll be around you will comprehend nothing about auditing or tax …worst of all he doesn’t pay his employees and he keeps on ignoring you ,later blocks them when they insist for payment. My advise is that people should work for employers that give them peace of mind and opportunity to grow.

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