A MUST READ: The Story of Furaha and Baraka Farms and the race to meet the 15 billion trees target in Kenya

As President Ruto race towards achieving the 15 billion tree target, it has now emerged that Furaha and Baraka Farms plays a critical role in the race.

The farm under the leadership of Daniel Mwero Kimuyu who is the current Chief Executive officers has consistently urged Kenyans to plant as many trees as possible as it steps up the seedlings distribution efforts.

” By planting trees, we are upholding the biblical teachings of conserving the environment. We fully Support the government efforts of tree planting as it is key in the fight against climate change,” Mwero said in the previous tree planting events

He vowed to distribute as many tree seedlings as possible and help President achieve his objective of planting 15 billions trees by 2032.

Chief Executive officer of Daniel Mwero Kimuyu being assisted by learners to plant a tree, he had visited the school to distribute seedlings

The Mwero led Farms has the capacity of distributing seedlings in all corners of the republic and has a lot of seedlings in their farms our investigations reveals.

Seedlings belonging to Daniel Mwero Kimuyu's led Baraka and Furaha farms ready for distribution across the country

So far the farm has distributed thousands of seedlings and has vowed to even distribute more

” We intent to plant Millions of trees, our work is to help the government, private organisations and international friends get tree seedlings on time, we have the capacity of reaching to every part of this country,” he stated.

Mr.Felix Kimani, is the Farm’s Finance Director. He said that climate change negative effects  can be mitigated  by embracing environmental conservation measures which involves tree planting.

” Conserving the environment by planting as many trees as possible is key in mitigating the negative effects of climate,  our Farm has been able to distribute trees in almost all parts of the country,” Kimani emphasized.

He called on Collaboration efforts among various stakeholders in matters related to environmental conservations.

The Farm bosses urged those willing to get tree seedlings to reach out to them via social media pages, and other avenues for quick delivery.

Bosses Daniel Mwero, Felix Kimani and other members when they toured a special school in Dagoreti for a tree planting exercise

According the University of Nairobi Dr.Ezekiel Mecha, Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide and if forests are cleared, or even disturbed, they release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Forest loss and damage is the cause of around 10% of global warming. There’s simply no way we can fight the climate crisis if we don’t stop deforestation.

Mecha thanked Baraka Farms and its bosses for prioritizing environmental conversations  rather than other issues in their programmes.

In recent days President Ruto has  demanded new forms of cooperation between the EU and Africa based on mutually beneficial strategies in adresing the issues of tree planting .

“Europe has been an ally and partner to Africa for many years,” he said.

Noting that rising living costs, fiscal strain, and migration challenges are weakening international solidarity, he called on the EU to work together with African countries on migration management by addressing the root causes of irregular migration.

President Ruto  had also stressed that world leaders, including Africa’s, must remain alert to the risk of tensions and disagreements escalating rapidly and with costly consequences.