A Section of Karura Community church members want their bishop to address the issue of him defrauding a widow her property, subjecting her to suffering

Famous Karura Community  Chapel members now wants  Bishop Kariithi  Ngari to address the issues of fraud that he has been linked to through the  social media and other online publications.

” we want him to come out and address this matters, he is a man of God who might to lead us by example, we urgent the church executive members to quickly intervened and bring this matter to a conclusion,” Said one of the church members.

She said that she was shocked after learning on social media that the pastor was a conman.

” someone can’t preach water and drink juice, we need to put this thing to a rest,” she added.

The Bishop’s brother and relatives too are implicated in the syndicate.

According to some court papers in our posesion, the now contraversial man of God and his brother have been dragged into a matrimonial property war and burial dispute that is likely to take an ugly shape.

Bishop Kariithi Ngari and his brother Kibuga Kariithi are accused of hurriedly burying Carolyne Hilda Njeri’s husband without her involvement, in contravention of a court order that had stopped the burial and later locking her out of her home where she was living with her late husband.

Furthermore, the man of the cloth is said to have worked in cahoots with his brother and others by quickly burying the deceased without allowing the applicant to ascertain the main cause of death.

“After burying the plaintiff’s husband without her involvement, you proceeded to chase her out of her matrimonial home even without any clothes, and since December she’s been in the cold where she is suffering and going through mayhem,” read the court papers in part.

The Bishop is serves as the pastor Karura Community Chapel, main campus behind Rosslyn Riviera.
In the documents we obtained from the court, the deceased’s wish was that he be cremated or buried at his St.Georges Estate, Kenyatta Road, but the Bishop and his team decided to take his body to his rural home.
Court documents in our possession reveal that in an ugly turn of events, the widow has now moved the court for orders of exhumation of the husband’s body to ascertain the cause of his death and further cremate him or bury him according to his last wishes.
The case has been filed by vibrant city lawyer Justus Mutunga.

We are yet to understand why, If indeed the Bishop has a calling, profaned the Altar by failing to appreciate the words in the holy book in Exodus 22:22–24. ‘Do not treat any widow or orphan. If you do, I the Lord, will answer them when they cry out to me for help, and I will be angry and kill you in war. Your wives will become widows, and your children will be fatherless.

We will be following up on the story for exclusive coverage.

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