Absa Bank’s Sophie Omondi linked to fraud, Money Laundering and Lesbianism, see how

By correspondent agencies

Well Known for her uncontrolled love for fraudulent money deals both in corporate and the public sector, Sophie Omondi, an Absa Bank employee has become one of the most feared lesbains in Mombasa.

Sophie was sacked by Equity Bank for shamelessly shairing critical client’s information to third parties.

She is currently serving as the relationship Manager at Absa Bank Nkrumah Road Branch.

Check her profile( Check out Sophie Omondi’s profile on LinkedIn

It has emerged that some of her friends are avoiding her after realising she so much into lesbianism and has several girlfriends she is bankrolling.

“She is mostly targeting university and college students and sometimes young and naive employees in the banking sector,” a girl she was targeting revealed.

Her illustrious career at Equity Bank where she served as a branch manager was brought to a stop whe the bank realised she was part of the staff who would over the night lend money streaming from business tills to customers at an interest. Equity bank fired her after the bank discovered that money was missing from the vaul.

Using her networks,she would latter move to Letshego Micro Finance where she was assisting customers with bad CRB records to clear their status before giving them loans.

By the time she was joining Absa, the loan book at Letshego was composed of fraudilent borrowers using fake documentations.

After realising that the operating rules at Absa were very difficult to pull similar moves like at Equity and Letshego, she together with some rogue staff managed tp form a cartel web that strategically asks customers, lawyers and valuers for kickbacks everytime there us a transaction.

The fight for kickbacks with lawyers and valuers for legal or security work is so rampant with her that most lawyers and valuers have nicknamed her the tax collector.

“If you don’t oblige as avaluer or lawyer then there’s no work,” a victim of the scheme revealed.

It has also been cited sometimes she is willing to go to serious extend of faking love for male customers she knows have money in their accounts. Most male customers at Absa bank move their money to other banks or even close the account for the fear of being tricked.

“When a male customer doesn’t entertain her, she will refer her female friends to pursue the client informing them of how much money they have in there Absa account,” another source added

She operates a gang of lethal women in Mombasa where she is the one who refers them to Absa male customers with good money in there accounts.

After successful deals are done,she meets with some of the women believed to be her girlfriends whom she sleeps with.

She brags to be untouchable and says that with absa bank all are under her armpits including Yusuf Omari in Chief Finance Officer, Abdi Mohamed Managing Director & CEO and the entire management.

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