Auctioneer Peter Simiyu sweats as he struggles to explain why he illegally auctions off billions worth wheat belonging to Atta Ltd

An Auctioneer was on Thursday put to task to explain why they auctioned off billions worth of wheat belonging to Atta Ltd and whether it was within the law.

In the case, Atta Kenya Ltd has sued Grain Bulk handlers for disposing off their wheat through auctioneers.

Atta Ltd lawyer Mila Bwire asked Peter Simiyu if they were within the law in auctioning the wheat.

Simiyu deflected the question only saying that the notice issued to auction the wheat was too short and more time was needed.

Bwire further probed the auctioneer to verify the amount of wheat he had auctioned and if he had any proof to show that they indeed auctioned the wheat following the right procedures.

Bwire told the court that the process of disposing off the disputed wheat was done in bad faith and against the said auctioning procedures.

Simiyu was stood down after court noticed that there were some documents that were not served to the Advocates early enough.

The matter will be mentioned on April 11 to confirm compliance.