Cancellation of disbanded SSU cops bond is an attack to the police service, says Vibrant City Lawyer Danstan Omari

Vibrant famous City Lawyer Danstan Omari on Tuesday condemned the cancellation of disbanded SSU cops bond saying it’s an attack on police and the violation of fundamental human rights contrary to the Kenyan Constitution.

Lawyer Omari while  addressing journalists at Kiambu law courts  linked the cancellation of bond with recent suspension of 67 officers that has since been stopped by the court.

He spoke after   the high court  canceled the  bond issued to the SSU officers who were charged with abduction after the DPP appealed the bail ruling.

Omari said the decision to cancel the SSU officers bond was witch-hunt and politics.

“We still insist this is politics it is witch-hunt and an attack on the police profession, no rule has been followed in handling the SSU police officers every time they are treated as criminals when they are heroes,” he said

Omari further put the state on notice faulting the manner in which the officers were being handled saying it is going to be a national security issue.

“These SSU officers were released on cash bail which they paid that same cash bail has been cancelled. We have moved to the court of appeal to challenge that order,” he said

While addressing court Omari also raised the issue saying they were objecting to the way the state had conducted the matter to their exclusion.

“A matter was placed before a magistrate court to the exclusion of the defence, only two arms of government were present that is a serious attack on how criminal matters should proceed and is arbitrary usage of raw power which is illegal,” he submitted

Omari said the officers were never given a chance to defend themselves and the orders were issued to their exclusion

“This is purely politics and I am aware that the head of state is in India are these people being punished just because the head of state is in India?” He posed.

However court ruled that the matter was properly placed before it and the orders of the high court cancelling bond still stand.

The officers were taken back to custody to await hearing of the case filed by the DPP challenging their release on bond.