Crime Alert: Businessmen John Odhiambo, Albert Oluoch and Abdulkadir Ali charged with stealing 67k USD in well orchestrated Wash Wash scandal

Three men who duped a businessman 67,000 USD by lying to him that they would multiply the money by making dollars for him amounting to 274,000 USD were charged before a Mombasa court.

The three John Odhiambo, Albert Oluoch and Abdulkadir Ali appeared before a Mombasa court where they denied the charge conspiring to defraud Mohammed Bashir Osman.

According to the charge sheet, they obtained 67,700 USD from Mohamed Bashir Osman by falsely pretending that they were in the business of making dollars and they were able to make 274,000 USD for him , a fact they are said to have known to be false.

They denied the charge and through their lawyers asked court to grant them lenient bail terms.

They were released on a Sh 5 million bond and a surety of the same amount.

The case will be mentioned on March 5, 2024 for pre-trial.