Developer’s plan to get a swimming pool on top of a building Flops, plans to encroach neighbours land

Ameey Home’s plans to get a swimming pool on top of an  illegal Taza lane structure in Parklands has completely flopped.

According to sources , the contraversial building is too heavy to handle a swimming pool and  has already developed serious cracks hence exposing both resident’s and worker’s life to danger.

The developer is now planning to encroach neighbours land.

Legal Trust Fund officials who visited the area have also expressed their concerns on the recent developments.

” lest you forget……..@ LR 209/7549-Taza Lane, a swimming pool that was designed for construction at the roof top of the building is now being built at the small front area, and has ‘eaten’ sections of the neighbouring LR 209/7548’s…….the building structure is not strong enough to withstand weight of a swimming pool,” read the post on their one of social media handle.