Disquite as Justice Warsame illegally extents his term amid his contraversial appointments

Judge Mohammed Abdullahi Warsame’s term at the Judiciary Service Commission has been contraversial extended by himself.

According to the inner circle this has created hostility and disquite within the JSC as some commissioners feel that he is illegally working within the commission.

” This man brags of being powerful within with JSC, he even behaves as if he is superior than other commissioners , recently he just decided that he serves one more years despite him running our of his term limit,” a source within the JSC told this reporter.

The source added that the Hounorable Judge has gone rogue and rude despite him getting into the commission through the back doors after former President Uhuru Kenyatta declines to appoint him.

” Nobody knows when and how Warsame got his way to the commission but however we want the authority to quickly investigate his contact and an appropriate action taken,” it added.

When reached for comment on the same a city lawyer called on the investigative agencies to probe Warsame to unravel the evils associated with him

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