EXCLUSIVE: Embakasi South MP James Gakuya Mwangi extents his Land Grabbing Spee to Parklands, plots to evict Agakhan Education Services Owner

United Democratic Alliance who is also President William Ruto’s Point man for Embakasi South James Gakuya Mwangi has extended his Land grabbing spree to Parklands and is currently plotting to evict Aga Khan Education Services Owner with an intentions of grabbing his land.

” Yes its true, the man calls himself an Mp and he has so Far forged some land tittle deeds and pretends to claim the said land despite it belonging to Aga Khan Education Services owner, he has been doing this for years, he forges the tittle, grabb your land and when the case gets to court, he bribes the court, he has several land grabbing cases in court,” said a senior County officials aware of the matter.

The Land in question is situated along Mwambao Lane off Limuru Rd next to Taza Lane

According to one of the good who had visited the place to execute Gakuya’s displacement order, they were paid for the exercise.

” He paid us some cash for this activity, he told us to bring the drama and leave him to finish the other activity,” he told us.

” We would have started the job as early as today but we have been fought off a certain man who claims to be an official from the government,” he added.

Gakuya is in possesion of a fake tittle that we have in our possesion in which he claims that the land is his.

We have also obtained a forged development plan that he intents to use after grabbing the land.

Residents now wants President Ruto himself to call the Mp to order and are calling on the DCI and the DPP to get into the matter and probe him.

” Gakuya is a thief and a Fraudster, we are calling on the DPP and the DCI to probe and arrest him , let all his parcels in Nairobi be investigated for justice to prevail,” said a resident

Gakuya is a famous known land grabbers if the court cases and documents in our possession us something to go by.

Recently the court issued a warrant of arrest against him in another Fraud case that he is facing at the Milimani law courts.
He has since obtained a stay order