EXPOSED; Antony Kimamo, a software engineer from U.S.A charged with sexually assaulting a minor aged 7 and 2 years

A Kenyan man with US citizenship who is alleged to have assaulted his daughters aged 7 and 3 years has been charged with committing an indecent act with minors.

Antony Kimamo a software engineer in the US aged 50 is alleged to have touched the girls private parts using his hands.

It is alleged that on diverse dates between 2021 and June 2022 at unknown place in Texas within the republic of USA, Kimamo intentionally and unlawfully touched the private parts of two minor girls aged 7 years and 2 years using his hands.

He denied the charge before Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

According to the state, Kimamo is the biological father of the girl born in the US.

The accused person according to the prosecution works in USA as a software engineer.

He was released on Sh 20,000 cash bail pending the formal bail and bond application