EXPOSED: KURA) Dg Silas Kinoti over allegations of corruption and procurement irregularities of road projects as petition calling for his ouster is filed in court

An Activist has moved to court seeking the removal of Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) Dg Silas Kinoti over allegations of corruption and procurement irregularities of road projects in the country amounting to million of shillings.

In a petition filed at the Milimani High Court, Dismas Ayacko wants Mr Kinoti kicked out of office and a probe commenced over rampant corruption and incompetence at the state agency that has led to loss of Kenyan taxpayers billions of shillings.

While seeking orders for Kinoti’s removal from office, Activist Ayacko says that he has committed overwhelming illegalities, irregularities and circumvention of the law by awarding tenders to his cronies and paying for projects that have not been fully completed.

“Kinoti is not fit to hold office due to his corrupt dealings and his continued stay in office as Dg at KURA is against the public interest,” the activist says.

He seeks a permanent order prohibiting Kinoti from taking any further management of KURA.

The petitioner also seeks orders compelling the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to launch an investigation on Kinoti over gross misconduct and corruption.

“An order be issued directed to the EACC to conduct investigations against Kinoti with speed and or within a time frame as the court may provide,”Ayacko seeks.

The activist further wants the court to compel Mr Kinoti to step aside to allow free and credible investigations to be conducted at KURA.

The petitioner also wants the anti-graft body to commence an investigation against the officer since he has perpetuated gross acts of corruption in KURA leading to loss of public funds that cannot be accounted for.

The petitioner avers that Kinoti has facilitated the award of multi-billion road tenders in the urban areas in Kenya where all 95% of funds are allocated leaving much work not completed as per the agreement by the Kenya Urban Roads Authorit