EXPOSED; Non- compliant LOOK MEDIA OWNER Playing hide and seek with some KRA officials, yet to pay Sh39million tax debt.

As the William Ruto led government work tirelessly to get revenue from Kenyans, it has now emerged that the LOOK MEDIA owner has not remitted his tax to the tax man and now has a debt of Sh 39million. Despite this the businessman operates normally as the poor continue to suffer in the hands of tax hikes and the increased cost of living.

According to our sources, the Tax man has written to the businessman a letter attached below  and want him to clear the tax as fast as possible but however, our reliable sources says that some of the KRA officials hands are tied in the matter.

“ We don’t know why up to date he has not paid his taxes, he was told on what he is supposed to do but he is yet to pay the tax, I want President Ruto himself to get into the matter and compel  him  pay his taxes as required especially during this difficult economic times,” said a source .
Let us look at the content of the letter the tax man wrote to him as he continues remaining mum.

“ LOOK MEDIA LTD, REG. NO. CPR/2012/90066. In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 42 of the Tax procedures ACT,2015, I HEREBY declare you to be an agent of the above taxpayer , from any money which may, at any time,
be owed by you, to the tax payer, be held by you for, or account of the said taxpayer, be held by you with authority from some other person to pay money to the said taxpayer,” the letter read in part.
It added to address him on what he owed the tax man as attached to the letter below.
According to our sources, some officers from the KRA are yet to effect the businessman to aply the said tax and he may soon be arraigned in court if he failed to do so.