EXPOSED $ VIDEO: Gold Fraudster Edwin Ochieng Oduk dumps wife for a Side Chick as the war turns nasty, death plots begins among the ladies

Despite Facing Gold scam related cases, Edwin Ochieng has reportedly dumped his wife for a side chick whom he has builded a house for.

If that is not enough, the crime linked businessman who faces several counts of gold scam has also colluded with the said side chick to dump his wife in court where he is facing assault charges and attempted murder charges.

He has been listed as a key witness in the case.

According to the charges that the wife is facing are that, she allegedly tried to run over Oduk’s wife during a fight over the him .

Nduta Wangai, who is a wife to Oduk is accused of trying to kill Rebecca Ngumi , a Side Chick by attempting to run her down with a car on January 5, 2024 but she was reportedly beaten up by both Oduk and his Mpango wa Kando and later dragged in court.

Nduta, the court heard that attempted to hit and run over the said woman in question at Ridgeways Estate in Starehe Sub-county, within Nairobi County. N

Wangai also faces an additional charge of malicious damage to property where she is accused of damaging Ngumi’s property worth Sh1 million.

She allegedly damaged Ngumi’s gate, her garage wall, and her Mercedes Benz leaving her in big loses.


The police report says that the “Mpango wa Kando ” was preparing to go to work when she heard someone at her gate. She sent her house help to check, and the house help found Wangai at the gate.

Wangai told the house help that she had come to speak to Ngumi’s husband, and the house help returned to the house and informed her employer.

Ngumi informed her husband, and they both walked to the gate. Her husband went out to talk to the suspect, but they had a disagreement, and she drove her car into the gate.

The complainant began to run for her safety, but the suspect allegedly drove straight at her before she took cover. The suspect also allegedly sprayed the complainant with a substance suspected to be acid.

Wangai allegedly reversed several times to hit Ngumi but instead hit and damaged Ngumi’s car as the complainant took cover.

Ngumi called the police during the incident, and officers responded.

The suspect allegedly vowed to kill the complainant during the incident and made several attempts to run her over before Ngumi took cover between objects in her compound. However, Wangai fled the scene after learning that the police had been alerted.

Detective Constable Erastus Matuanga of the Starehe DCI’s office had sworn an affidavit opposing bail for the suspect, but it was not produced in court.

In the affidavit, Matuanga said investigations had revealed that there was a dispute over the house where Ngumi lives with her husband.

“The accused (Wangai) claims to have contributed to its purchase through the complainant’s (Ngumi’s) husband and instead of seeking legal remedy to solve the matter, decided to use violent ways to claim the same and it is feared that once released on bond, she will pursue the claim through the same means which may even lead to murder,” Matuanga said in the affidavit.

The detective added that the investigation team is yet to record statements from some key witnesses due to their work commitments.

VIDEOS and Photos of how the now accused person was dismised from the station sees Edwin Ochieng Oduk’s real wife in blood stained clothes, have a look at them.

In Court, Wangai denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Helen Okwani at the Makadara Law Courts and pleaded for lenient bail and bond conditions. She said she is a mother of four children, the youngest being seven years old.

She was released on a bond of Sh1 million without an option of a cash bail.

The case will be mentioned on April 9 before the hearing starts on July 4.

Ngumi’s husband Mr. Edwin Ochieng Oduk has been listed as a witness in the case.