GOLD SCAMMER ALERT: Dangerous Fraudster Edwin Ochieng Oduk in court for Defrauding Frenchman Sh12B, has more fraud cases

Edwin Ochieng Oduk 

Wash Wash ‘mastermind’  Edwin Ochieng who is being investigated over claims of defrauding a Frenchman of Sh11.5 billion in precious stones deal has been released on bond.

Kibera Magistrate released Edwin on a cash bail of Sh500,000 pending conclusion of investigations by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

It is alleged to have defrauded Freshman William Tuil of over USD89,000,000 equivalent to Sh11,536,000,000.

The DCI moved to court through miscellaneous application seeking to detain the businessman for seven days.

“The court be pleased to issue custodial orders against the respondent herein to be detained for five days (7) days at Kilimani Police Station to allow Police Inspector Nicholas Njoroge attached at DCI Headquarters Operations Support Unit, complete investigations into a case of conspiracy to commit felony contrary to section 393 of the penal code,” investigating officer urged the court.

The court heard that the businessman was arrested on 16th August, 2023 in Brookside Groove in Nairobi county over suspicion of committing a crime.

The investigating officer said the offence was committed on diverse dates between 22 July 2022 and 25th August 2023, jointly with others still at large.

It is alleged that he informed the French National that he was in a position to facilitate the transfer of the money from Gabon to Rwanda.

Tuil reported at Kilimani Police Station on 25/12/8/2023.

The Frenchman said he was given a mandate through a private company from Gabon to act as an agent in a business of selling colton minerals.

Some of the information on money transactions were done outside Kenyan and needed more time to contact relevant authorities.

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Court heard that Edwin received some of the money through bank accounts which the investigating officer is yet to trace for purporse of obtaining financial transactions.

According to court documents, a total of 950 kilograms of colton minerals was allegedly flown from Gabon to Qatar where it was later said to have been sold for USD 89,000,000.

Frenchman alleges to have withdrawn the money in Dubai which was then packed in boxes destined for Kigali in Rwanda but the said money never reached Rwanda.

Tuil was informed by the respondent that his consignemnt of money has been detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi pending clearance by the Kenyan authorities and Edwin further asked for USD 48,500 being money for Insurance,storage and for hiring a private jet for the consignment.

Tuil flew to Rwanda to await for the consignemnt but it never arrived. He flew back to Kenya where Edwin demanded for USD 500,000 which the complaint was unable to raise

Edwin was arrested and escorted to his office at Brookside Groove house number 13 where upon search in the said house, seventeen boxes alleged to contain monies were found in two rooms of the house.

“Upon opening the boxes they were found to be stuffed and filled with stones, gravel and pieces of tiles and his actions were meant to lure and defraud the complainant of his money,” officer told the court.

The investigating officer said he intends to subject the recovered exhibits including his mobile phone to forensic examination to a certain whether the mobile phone was used in carrying out transactions such as sending WhatsApp images and conversation and money as alleged by the complainant