Heavy fights, suspected Coup in Sudan

Gunfire and explosions have been heard in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, after days of tension between a notorious paramilitary force and the country’s army.

The dispute centres around a proposed transition to civilian rule.

Reuters is reporting that gunfire has been heard close to the headquarters of the army in the centre of the city.

The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) says it has taken control of the airport and presidential palace.

These claims have not been confirmed.

Earlier the RSF had said that one of its camps in the south of Khartoum had been attacked.

For its part, the army has said that RSF fighters have been trying to seize the military headquarters.

“Fighters from the Rapid Support Forces attacked several army camps in Khartoum and elsewhere around Sudan,” the AFP news agency quotes army spokesman Brig Gen Nabil Abdallah as saying.

“Clashes are ongoing and the army is carrying out its duty to safeguard the country.”

The Reuters news agency is also citing witnesses as saying that there was gunfire in the northern city of Merowe.

Alarabyia TV is broadcasting pictures of smoke rising from a military camp there, Reuters reports.

Generals have been running the country, through what is called the Sovereign Council, since a coup in October 2021.

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