Irony as Selfish Judges moves to court to seek more Luxurious Cars as Magistrate’s continue to suffer

Kenyan ‘ Corrupt’ accused Judges have moved to court to seek more luxuries in what is seen as being selfish and greedy.

They want the Salaries and remunerations Commission to allow them get special grants for cars despite them enjoying many benefits already.

Everyone knows the outcome of this decision. It will be in favor of Judges. We are not sure if Magistrates support the case. The latter earns peanuts and have no vehicles.

Judges, despite being in the main Judges and Magistrates Association, have their own welfare which they use to fight for their rights. In this case, The Judges Welfare Association supports the petition for their grants.

Some Magistrates have been complaining that JSC does not listen to them. An order in their case has never been complied with.

Judges are challenging the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s (SRC’s) decision to scrap car allowance for judges.

Chief Justice Martha Koome has helped them by appointing Justices Chacha Mwita, Lawrence Mugambi and Patricia Nyaundi to handle the petition filed in court by one Peter Gachuiri (petitioner).

The filed petition is challenging SRC’s decision to scrap the taxable car allowances for Judges.

Judges have been enjoying taxable car allowances until 2021 when it was scrapped by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission but magistrates have left on their own.

According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) said judges are already enjoying comfortable lifestyles by being entitled to official transport which is chauffeur-driven as part of their benefits package and the car grant would amount to double compensation from taxpayers’ money.

However their greedy has pushed them to demand more luxuries leaving magistrates on their own.

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