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JUST IN; Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) urges Nigerian government to release their member detained for no reasons

Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) has appealed to the Nigerian government for the release of their member Nadeem Anjarwalla  who has been detained in Nigeria on February 26.

The purpose of his visit to Nigeria was to hold discussions with the government on matters related to blockchain technology. However, they were detained without any charges being filed.

BAK recently met with representatives from the Nigerian High Commission in Kenya to urge for Anjarwalla’s prompt release.

The association emphasized his importance as a member of their organization and a colleague at Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In response, Binance issued a statement on March 13, pledging its commitment to securing their release.

The statement reiterated Binance’s dedication to fostering the responsible growth of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and its willingness to collaborate with Nigerian authorities to facilitate the return of their detained employees.

Binance stressed the professionalism and integrity of Anjarwalla and his colleague and vowed to provide them and their families with all necessary support throughout this ordeal.

The company remains resolute in its efforts to ensure their safe return home.

“In light of recent events, we would like to showcase our dedication to promoting the responsible growth of crypto in Nigeria with some facts and numbers. We will continue to work with Nigerian authorities to bring our friends and colleagues home. They are professionals with the highest integrity and we will provide them and their families with all the support we can,” read part of a statement by Binance.

” Nadeem has been instrumental in shaping the legal and regulatory policy framework in Kenya in relation to virtual assets by participating in the Digital Assets Policy Safari, a comprehensive policy initiative shaping and lobbying strategy that intends to ensure the interests of the digital assets community are effectively represented,” Said Lawyer Robert Muoka

Muoka added that Nadeen is a key pillar in virtual Assets Service Providers money laundering and in Risk assessment issues.

” Nadeem was also a key stakeholder in the Virtual Assets and Virtual Assets Service Providers Money Laundering and Risk Assessment Report led by the Financial Reporting Centre in collaboration with the National Treasury showing his utmost commitment to adhering to bring legal clarity in the sector,” added Lawyer Muoka


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