Law Firm demands Nation media Desist from tainting their client’s image over misreporting

A Law Firm has written a demand letter to the media house demanding that it stops defaming

Its clients by linking them to the murder of a certain man in Dagoreti.

T.M.M & PARTNERS ADVOCATES through one of its lawyers Eric Anyega in a letter addressed to Media houses informing them of the need to publish truthful information and not mere rumours.

Nation Media group through its digital publication platform Nairobi News made a post that read in part: “……A tour of the apartments’ balcony reveals that the railings are too high for some to just jump the way the suspects were describing how the incident happened….” And another section read…. and “….Another neighbor said that the Nigerians were unbothered about the incident….”

The advocate, through their letter stated that “Its fundamental principals of the Kenyan Legal System that individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”

The law frowns upon rumours and false publications that may cause public alarm. He went ahead to tell Nation Media to be exercise caution and refrain from damaging his client’s names failure to which they will take a legal action.