Lawyer Danstan Omari gives businessman Cleophas Shimanyula 48 hours to apologise to Khalwale over murder links, demands Sh200M

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale through vibrant city lawyer Danstan Omari  will demand Ksh.200 million in compensation from businessman Cleophas Shimanyula for making defamatory statements against him in the wake of the recent death of his farmhand, Kizito Amukune Moi, lest he retract the comments.

Lawyer Omari on behalf of Khalwale claims that Shimanyula made derogatory and false statements on social media, casting doubt on the police investigation into the death of Kizito, who was reportedly killed by a bull last month.

On Tuesday, the Kakamega Senator initiated legal proceedings against Shimanyula for insinuating his role in Kizito’s death, despite a post-mortem confirming that the farmhand was indeed killed by a bull.

“Accordingly, our instructions are to demand from you that you confirm to us in writing, within the next 48 hours that you shall immediately, but in any event not later than 48 Hours from the date hereof, that you publish an unqualified retraction of all the defamatory statements and an unconditional apology that should achieve similar prominence as the offending scandalous statements,” Khalwale stated.

“That you accept liability for the defamatory statements published in the impugned article and compensation for our client’s otherwise damaged reputation being not less than Ksh.200 million.”

According to Khalwale’s legal counsel, should Shimanyalu not conform to the listed demands, legal action will be initiated against him.

“We have firm instructions to file Court Proceedings against you without any further reference to you. This shall of course be at your own peril as to costs on a full indemnity basis and other consequences attendant thereto,” said Omari.