Meet Edward Libendi Anguche, a Killer City Lawyer charged with shooting a city resident

An advocate of the High Court was on Monday arraigned in Court and charged with shooting a person at Shell Petrol Station in Adams Arcade along Ngong road in Kilimani Nairobi.

Edward Libendi Anguche, a senate litigator, is accused of withdrawing his pistol and shooting Stephen Omujulwa after a brief disagreement at the said petrol station.

“You are charged that while armed with firearm make Glock, you discharged indiscriminately thereby occasioning harm and injury to Stephen Omujulwa.” reads the charge sheet tabled in court.

The victim who is still fighting for his life in hospital after sustaining brutal bullet would along the neck region is said to have differed with Advocate Edward on March 26, 2023 under unclear circumstances.

Anguche is said to be head of litigation senate

He denied the charges before Milimani chief magistrate Lukas Onyina and through his lawyer pleaded for lenient bond terms.

He said the accused is an advocate and a civil servant hence he stands a better chance to granted lenient bond and bail terms as an officer of the Court.

He was released on a cash bail of Sh50,000.