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More Trouble For blogger Edgar Obare as court directs DCI to do this

As things stand, city blogger Edgar Obare may be arrested after a court directed so.

In a ruling delivered yesterday after vibrant city lawyer Mwenda Njagi filed a suit against the blogger in court, Hon. Becky Cheloti Mulemia directed that the blogger and his agents stops defaming Njagi’s client Christina Lewis in any way.

The magistrate further directed that the DCI alongside the Cyber crime detectives enforces the order.

Attached below is the order. 

This comes a few days after the blogger received an ultimatum from the complainant’s lawyer Mwenda Njagi giving him 24 hours to remove a defamatory story from his Twitter handle.
Njagi told the court that Christina Lewis, is the owner of Westwick College and Obare had tainted her image.

The demands did not only call for the removal of the statement but also an apology for Obare’s tweet made on Friday, January 26, 2024, alleging that Christina Lewis is a US convict.

“I have been instructed by my client, Madam Christina, to issue notice to this blogger to apologize and retract the defamatory statement posted on his Twitter handle,” stated Mwenda.

The lawyer emphasized the malicious nature of Obare’s tweet, suggesting that some of the emails and details in his possession were intended for extortion.

“We are aware of the details of the conversation between the alleged student and this blogger. If the story was true, why didn’t Obare seek clarification from my client before posting such a malicious statement?” questioned Mwenda.

Mwenda further warned of potential legal action, stating, “We will invite the Director of Criminal Investigation to pursue charges against the respondent for misuse of cybercrime laws.”

Obare’s tweet, as mentioned in his Twitter handle, accused Christina Lewis of being a convicted investor fraudster who had relocated to Kenya. The demand for retraction and apology reflects Lewis’s determination to address what she perceives as damaging accusations to her reputation.

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