Murder Suspects John Matara charged with Robbery with violence, Sexual Assaul

John Matara who is facing new charges of murder, robbery with violence, and sexual assault today appeared before the Ruiru Law Courts.

The charges stem from alleged offences committed in May 2023.

During the hearing before Magistrate Charles Mwaniki, Matara was accused of robbing Nekesa Wangila Sh 88,300 while armed with a kitchen knife.

The prosecution also presented details of Matara sexually assaulting Wangila on the same day.

Matara has denied all charges and pleaded his innocence.

Matara’s lawyer Samuel Ayora requests bail for his client, citing Matara’s stable residence and lack of flight risk.

Ayora has raised concerns about Matara’s alleged assault by DCI officers during transport and requests medical attention for his injuries.

The prosecution led by Ms Moraa has opposed the bail request due to another pending case against Matara and ongoing investigations into similar matters.

They express concerns that Matara’s release could potentially jeopardize witness safety and hinder the case.

While the defence did not object to the prosecution’s request for a DNA test, they contested the grounds for denying bail, calling them unsubstantiated suspicions. Ayora argues that investigations into the alleged offences, which occurred in 2023, should have been completed by now, and there was no justification for Matara’s continued detention.

Magistrate Mwaniki has ordered Matara to file a report with the Ruiru police station regarding the alleged assault by officers and directed an investigation into the matter.

He also mandates Matara to undergo medical treatment and a DNA test.

The final decision regarding Matara’s potential release on bond is scheduled for Friday, March 8, 2024.

John Matara was charged on February 2 with the alleged murder of socialite Starlet Wahu on January 4 at a short-term rental in Nairobi’s South B neighbourhood.

Following his not-guilty plea before Judge Kimondo, Matara was remanded to the Nairobi Area Remand and Allocation Prison until the bail hearing. An affidavit filed by Sergeant Alex Chokera of DCI Makadara opposed Matara’s release, highlighting the events leading to their encounter in South B. Chokera reveals the pair met through the online dating platform “Bed Escorts,” with the tragic in-person meeting culminating in Wahu’s death.

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