Mystery as Decomposed Body Found with Bible in Brother’s Home

Rosemary Wahu, a woman visiting her brother in Nakuru, Kenya, was found dead in his residence under mysterious circumstances.

The discovery, made on March 3, 2024, has shrouded the previously peaceful home in an atmosphere of suspicion and secrecy. The troubling chain of events began when Wahu, a resident of Gatundu, Kiambu County, travelled to Nakuru to visit her brother David Kinyanjui and his new wife. Assuring her family of a brief stay, Wahu’s phone went offline on January 29 raising concerns with her son Boniface Mungai. Despite repeated attempts to reach his mother, Mungai received evasive responses from Kinyanjui, further fueling his unease.

The situation escalated on Tuesday when a neighbour alerted Mungai to a foul odour emanating from Kinyanjui’s house and the fact that Wahu had not been seen for weeks. Alarmed, Mungai, along with other family members rushed to Nakuru. Upon gaining entry into the house, they were met with a horrifying scene: Wahu’s decomposed body lay on a bed in a bedroom, with a Bible placed on her chest. The couple allegedly attributed the stench to a deceased dog.

The authorities were immediately notified, and the couple was taken into custody for questioning. The Nakuru East sub-County police chief Mr Wako confirmed that the couple lived with the deceased’s body. Mr Wako has pledged a thorough investigation to determine the cause of Wahu’s death. Her body was transferred to the Nakuru City Mortuary for a postmortem examination.

Also in Nakuru, Maxwell Mankone and Esther Kerubo, an elderly couple, have endured the absence of two of their nine children, Vincent Motari and Calvin Ombote, who vanished without a trace. The lack of answers only deepens the family’s anguish. They possess no leads, no clues, only the gnawing emptiness left by their sons’ disappearance. This relentless pursuit of closure has been fraught with challenges and disappointment. The family harbors a suspicion that authorities may hold the key to their sons’ fate, citing events preceding their disappearance.

Ms. Kerubo clings to vivid memories of her final moments with her sons. Ombote, a married father of three, lived on the family’s land, while Motari resided in a rented room in Lanet. In December 2021, Motari visited his mother, bringing Christmas presents before returning to Nakuru for work. This heartwarming gesture became their final physical encounter. Though they remained in contact via phone, it marked the last time she would see her son alive.