Nairobi Hospital finance director stabbed to death in his Woodley house, Nairobi

The finance director at Nairobi Hospital Erick Maigo was Friday morning found murdered in a cold blood incident in his house at Woodley estate, Nairobi.



Maigo’s body was found with 16 stabs minutes after he had been killed at about 6 am.

His assailant, a female who had probably spent the night at the house or accessed it in the morning escaped minutes before police arrived.

Kilimani police boss Moss Ndiwa said a hunt on the woman is ongoing.

Neighbors at the Woodley Annex apartment said they heard Maigo, 36 groaning in pain.

They said they tried to call him in vain. They decided to go to his door and knocked it only to be confronted by a woman who informed them all was well and she was looking for the keys to open.

The neighbors could hear Maigo still groaning in pain and seeking help.

The lady who was in the house refused to open prompting the neighbors to alert the security at the compound.

They asked the security not to allow anyone from the house to leave.

According to police, they rushed to the Kibra police station where they made a report of a suspicious activities at the house.

By the time police arrived at the scene they found the woman suspected to have acted alone missing. The door was open and Maigo’s body was lying in a pool of blood.

Police said the body had 16 stabs. Ten of the wounds were on the chest and side at the back.

It is not clear if the woman acted alone.

Police moved the body to the mortuary.

The murder comes ahead of a planned annual general meeting of the troubled hospital, and rife complaints of nepotism from James Nyamongo who is accused of only employing people from the Kissii community who are unqualified just like James Nyamongo who cannot even read a speech written for him. The deceased Eric Maigo was also a beneficiary of the widespread nepotism as he was a relative of James Nyamongo.

Nyamongo is also accused of asking for sexual favours from nurses.

Some board members have also been fighting over kickbacks from projects.

Financial issues will definitely be raised at the meeting, an insider who expressed shock at the murder said.

“This could be murder linked to the wars at the hospital. So sad he has died that way,” said an insider.

Police said they are investigating murder and are pursuing a suspect who is yet to be identified.

Police said they are yet to establish the motive of the murder.