Nigerian Artist artist David Adedeji Adeleke alias Davido gives Mediamax 24hrs to delete the defamatory article or Sue

Nigerian International artist David Adedeji Adeleke alias Davido has given Mediamax Company 48 hours to pull down all the defamatory articles against him failure to which he will institute a legal proceedings.

In a detailed letter through city top notch lawyer Conrad Maloba,Davido also want the K24 Tv owner to make a public apology for the said reckless and malicious articles that was published in all the Mediamax social media platforms.

According to the articles in their social media platforms that wete published on the 1st of April during fool’s day , David was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport in his private jet with cocaine worth 18 million Kenya shillings when leaving the country.

According to the lawyer Mr. Maloba, the articles were malicious and defamatory, they were meant to ruin his client’s reputation who has business across the world.

“The statements found in your article are blatantly false and published with the express intent of disparaging our client.

Your statements are false and affect our client’s professional reputation by falsely stating and publishing to third parties that, among other things, our client is a narcotics

user/trafficker and is engaged in activities that are criminal in nature, your statements constitute, among other claims, defamation per se, and entitle our client to compensatory and punitive damages” Read the letter.


“Our client is an international Megastar and a reputable entrepreneur with vast business interests in several jurisdictions, his art and business ventures employ considerable personnel with a vast fan base. Our client has spent many years and extensive significant energies building a reputation for highly competitive international standards. This respectable reputation is Reflected in his list of accolades, fan base and partners that include Multi Nationals and Blue chip firms” Added the letter

On the 30th of March 2024, Davido was in Nairobi and had an electrifying performance during the “Raha Fest”