No Entry Fee into Renovated Uhuru Park, Gov.Sakaja declares

The famous Nairobi Governor Sakaja has announced that the newly renovated Uhuru Gardens will be open to the public at no cost, sparking a wave of reactions across the nation. The announcement came amidst growing concerns over potential access fees, putting to rest the anxieties of many Kenyans looking forward to enjoying the park’s facilities.

Kenyans took to social media to express their gratitude towards Governor Sakaja for ensuring that the park remains a free space for all. “A breath of fresh air for Nairobi residents!” exclaimed one user, reflecting the positive sentiment shared by many. However, not all reactions were celebratory; some citizens criticized the governor for what they perceived as unnecessary delays. “Action speaks louder than words, we need faster progress,” a tweet read, highlighting the impatience among the populace.

Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi Gov Johnson Sakaja addressing crowd during a political rally attended by President William Ruto

Governor Sakaja shed light on the reasons behind the delay in reopening the park. He pointed out that the military contractor responsible for the renovations was in the process of handing over the project. His office is currently finalizing payments to gain full control over the site, a necessary step before opening its gates to the public.

Addressing the concerns about potential fees, Governor Sakaja firmly stated, “It will be free to use.” This declaration has been met with relief and appreciation from Kenyans eager to enjoy the park’s amenities without the burden of cost. The move is seen as a commitment to preserving public spaces and promoting inclusivity in the city’s recreational areas.

As the city awaits the official reopening of Uhuru Gardens, the public’s attention now turns to the promise made by their governor. Will the renovated park live up to the expectations set by this announcement? Only time will tell, but for now, the spirit of optimism prevails among the people of Nairobi.

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