Over 100 Child Welfare Society of Kenya employees want CEO Irene Mureithi sacked for embezzlement of funds

Over 100 Employees of Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSC) have moved to court seeking removal of their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from office.

The aggrieved workers, while addressing court reporters outside Milimani Law Courts, said they have not received their salaries for the past three years.

In a petition filed at the high Court in Nairobi, they want CEO Irene Mureithi removed from office.

They said she has failed to pay their salaries and to disburse funds to needy children.

The workers through Operation Linda Ugatuzi President Professor Fredrick Ogolla said their organization receives 1.8 Billion from the government each financial year and funds are not put into proper use.

Ogolla also pointed out that the CEO being a sole signatory to the bank accounts, has opened a parallel account known as “contactor account” where the organization’s funds are channeled.

He also said that investigations by the DCI and EACC have borne no fruits.

It is now the court that can address the matter.

“It is incumbent upon the President to do away with people from the previous regime “Ogola said.

In a petition filed at the high court of Kenya through lawyer Bernard Odero, Ogolla says that it is illegal, fraudulent and against the public interest for the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK), a private entity totally outside the control of the state, to be allocated colossal sums of public funds.

He said the office of the Controller of budget and National Treasury should tell Kenyans who are the beneficiaries of such monies

Linda Ugatuzi also wants an immediate audit to be conducted on CWSK by the Auditor General to establish the amount irregularly allocated and payable back to the state.

The Civil Society is seeking a declaration that CWSK being a State Corporation is not eligible to receiving public funding or other state resources in performance of its functions without the appropriate legal framework on how such public funds are to be utilized.

“We are seeking a court declaration that the use and continued funding of CWSK using public funds and resources is illegal, unconstitutional, null and void.

They also want land that has been acquired through public funds illegally and being appropriated to the society be reverted back to the government as public land or assets.

The said land is in Nairobi, Kisumu, Lodwar, Kiambu, and Mavoko among other Municipalities within the country.