Parklands residents shocked as MP Keynan leads government officials, billionaire investors to destroy part of Karura forest and pave way for Muliti-million high rise apartments

According to Newsline Kenya and multiple reports reaching our desks, residents of Nairobi have been shocked by numerous politicians and government officials spearheading “Billionaire Investors” to unveil extensive ‘development’ ventures along City Park Drive in Parklands.

The projects will entail the construction of 30-storey buildings, blending residential and commercial spaces, and will involve the removal of sections of Karura Forest.

Some of the residences will be erected on the riparian zone of Mathare River and an area lacking an existing public sewer line designated by Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCW&SC)

The police officers ensuring security during the launch ceremony made many wonder why the government aware of the projects’ environmental effects allow such projects.

“For those who advocate for environmental conservation, address climate change, and uphold the right to a clean and healthy environment in and around Karura Forest, it is now a farewell to those principles. Let justice prevail to the lesser in this community, only a few people’s interest cannot put lives of many at stake,” one of the area residents told our team on ground.

Ironically, among the politicians spearheading the project include Eldas Constituency MP Adan Keynan who formed a foundation to help afforestation, education and youth and women empowerment in 2011.