Parklands Residents want top City County officers, Sacco official and the developers of 16-storey building under construction punished for disobeying court orders that stopped the works

Residents of Taza Lane, off City Park Drive, Parklands now want top Nairobi City County officers and the owners of a 16-storey building under construction be punished for knowingly and intentionally ignoring disobeying and disregarding court orders that stopped all construction work on L.R. No. 209/7549. The residents have named Patrick Analo, Stephen Gathuita Mwangi

Stephen Mwadime, Fredrick Ochanda and Richard  Mumo together with the former NMS Director Mohamed Badi as the officers who have continued to allow construction work on the said site go on despite the court orders given on 25th May 2023 ” stopping any further development on L.R. No. 209/7549-Taza Lane and to enforce the said order”.

In the contempt of court application, the residents have filled an affidavit sworn by David Ndambiri which contains several photos and videos on the ongoing construction.

In one of the videos captured by CCTV, a worker who was injured at the site is seen being hurriedly taken away from the site in a private car.

“And it is suspected that the worker succumbed to the injuries suffered and no report was made to any police station or NCA”.

Another video shows NCCG officers who had gone to the site ‘purpotedly’ to enforce the court order’ receiving money from the developer’s agents as they ‘supervise’ the construction work.

The application will be heard on 28th July 2023 when one of the alleged owner/developer Ali Ibrahim Hamamed together with Yusuf Asker of Ameey Homes Ltd, George Onchiri of Harambee SACCO Society and Arch. Salim Komora has been served with summons to personally attend court and give evidence on the contempt application.