Property Cleansing: How to Create Clean and Positive Energy in Your Living Space

Is there a time you feel uneasy or unhappy in your home or property? Do you feel like there is something negative in the air that affects your mood and well-being? If so, you might benefit from a property cleansing.
This is the reason some people call spiritual leaders or healers to sanctify their houses. Some even do the cleansing on the ground-breaking day, while others do it during house opening. The same happens when someone buys a new car or anything else and they deem it fit for cleansing.

What is Property Cleansing?

This is the practice of clearing away any harmful energies or spirits from a space. The process involved inviting positive energies of positive spirits.
According to MbgMindfullness, this process creates a clean and comfortable environment that supports growth; it could be physical, spiritual or mental).

Reasons for Property cleansing include:

1. When experiencing a major life change, such as a divorce, death, or illness.
2. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed
3. At a time when you are moving into a new home or rental property.
4. When you want to attract more abundance, love, or happiness.
5. When you are selling or buying a property.
6. Having recurring nightmares, insomnia, or paranormal things.
Property cleansing can be done by yourself or by professionals like Mugwenu Doctors,
depending on your preference. The level of difficulty will also dictate if a professional will be

Benefits of Property Cleansing

Property cleansing can have many benefits for you and your living space, such as:
1. It helps in attracting opportunities and success
2. Cleansing removes any negative or harmful things, such as curses, ghosts or demons that may be haunting the premise.
3. It increases your intuition, awareness, and connection to the divine or higher power.
4. There will be improved air quality and a reduction of things that cause allergies and
eradication of pollutants.
5. Enhancing the flow of chi (life force energy) and balancing the yin and yang (opposite

6. It promotes relaxation and peace.
7. Cleansing strengthens your relationships by nourishing communication and boosting
8. You will experience inspired moods, energy, and creativity in whatever you do.
9. Your property will be shielded from external influences, such as theft, vandalism, or
accidents after cleansing.

What are the Different Methods of Property Cleansing?

There are many ways to cleanse your property including salt cleansing, smudging and sound cleansing. They are explained as below:
Smudging According to Converging Pathways, this involves using herbs, such as sage or palo santo, to cleanse a space. The herbs are burned, and the smoke is wafted around using anything that can help distribute the smoke around, like a feather or a fan.

To smudge your property, you will need:

 A feather or a home fan.
 Smudge stick or loose herbs of your choice, or as directed by your specialist.
 Container, such as a shell or a bowl; it should be fireproof
 Matchboxes or lighter.
Follow these steps:
 Open all the windows and doors – This allows the smoke and dark energies to escape.
 Light the smudge stick or the herbs – Let them burn for a few seconds, after which you
will blow the flame out and let them smoulder.
 Start at the front door – Move clockwise around each room as you wave the smoke with
the feather or fan.
 Be sure to be thorough in the corners and closets.
 You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or an intention.
 Extinguish the smudge stick or the herbs in the fireproof container and dispose of them
safely after you are done.
Salt Cleansing
Salt is not only useful for flavouring food, it is an important spiritual tool, according to Homes and Gardens. Salt absorbs negative energies and is known for its healing and cleansing properties.
To cleanse your property with salt, you will need:
 Normal table salt
 Small bowls or dishes
 Water To perform the salt cleansing ritual, follow these steps:
1. Have dishes and then fill them with salt and then put them in each room. Focus on
entrances, windows and corners.
2. Add water to the salt to enhance its cleansing power, this is optional.
3. Leave the salt dishes undisturbed for over 24 hours, or until the salt changes color or

4. While placing the salt, recite a prayer, affirmation, or intention for your property.
Something like: "I purify this house from any negativity. I fill it with love and light."
5. Once done, dispose of the salt and water in a natural environment.
Sound Cleansing Sound cleansing involves using sound. Bells, singing bowls, or music are used in the purification
process. Sound is powerful, and it clears any blockages, restores balance, and enhances harmony.
To cleanse your property with sound, you will need:
 A bell or sound instrument, a speaker, or a singing bowl will do
To perform the sound cleansing ritual, follow these steps:
 Start at the front door and move clockwise around each room as you ring the bell, playing cleansing music or hitting the singing bowl.
 Give close attention to the corners, corridors and closets.
 You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or an intention for your property, this can be done in a house or even a vehicle you have bought.
 After you finish making the sound, express gratitude to the sound and the instrument.

DIY Property Cleansing Tips

If you want to cleanse your property by yourself, here are some tips to help you:
 Choose a method and a tool that resonates with you and your property.
 Clean and declutter before the cleansing to remove any physical dirt and mess.
 Set a positive intention for your property and what you want to achieve.
 Be respectful and mindful of the energy and the entities in your property and ask them for cooperation.
 Be open and receptive to changes and the results of the cleansing.
 Repeat the cleansing as often as you feel necessary, depending on the situation and the

When to Consider Professional Property Cleansing

While DIY property cleansing can be effective and satisfying, however, there are some situations where you might want to consider hiring a professional property cleanser.

These situations include:
 When dealing with a severe or complex case of haunting, a curse, or a trauma
 When you are not confident or comfortable
 If you want a more thorough and customised cleansing.
 In case you want to learn more about the energy and the history of your property and how to maintain it.
Professional property cleansers are experts who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle any type of property cleansing. Mugwenu Doctors have over 25 years of experience in cleansing of property. They provide guidance, advice, and support throughout the process.

Common Misconceptions about Property Cleansing

 Property cleansing is only for haunted or cursed properties: This is not true since
cleansing can be done for any type of property, whether it is new or old, rented or owned,
residential or commercial.
 Property cleansing is only for spiritual or religious people: This is not true. It is not
limited to any specific belief system or faith. Property cleansing is based on the universal
principle of energy and how it affects our environment and ourselves. Anyone can do it to

get clean and positive energy in their living space, regardless of their background or
 Property cleansing is a one-time thing: property cleansing is not a permanent solution
but a continuous process. It should be done regularly, depending on the situation and the
 Property cleansing is expensive and complicated: It can be done with simple and
affordable materials and tools. You can use herbs, salt, sound, or crystals. It can also be
DIY. No special skills or qualifications are needed. You only need clear intention and a
positive attitude.

Tips for Maintaining a Cleansed Property

Here are some tips to help you maintain a cleansed and harmonious atmosphere:
 Be removing any physical dirt and clutter regularly.
 Decorate your property with items that make you happy and inspired, such as plants,
flowers, art, or photos
 Use natural and organic products for cleaning and personal care, avoiding harsh
chemicals or toxins
 Burn candles, incense, or oils to create a pleasant and relaxing aroma.
 Play soothing and uplifting music or sounds: This creates a positive and peaceful
 Use crystals, amulets, or talismans to enhance and protect the energy.
 Meditate or pray, expressing your appreciation and love for your space.
 Welcome positive and supportive people, and be sure to avoid drama or conflict.
 Make it a habit to cleanse your property, especially during new or full moons.

Related Products and Tools

If you are interested in property cleansing and want to learn more or get some useful products and tools, here are some recommendations that you can check out:
 Paul Devereux's book 'The Art of Spiritual Cleansing.' This guide offers insights into purifying your home, body, and soul using various techniques like herbs, salt, sound,crystals, and more.
Sage Smudge Kit: This kit equips you with a sage bundle, a shell, a feather, and a guide.
Himalayan Salt Lamp: Emitting a warm and soothing light, this lamp not only enhances the ambience but also purifies the air with negative ions, creating a healthy and relaxing environment.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set:  This beautifully crafted set includes a singing bowl, a
wooden striker, and a cushion. The sounds produced by the bowl can cleanse and
harmonise your property, fostering a sense of tranquillity.


Property cleansing is a powerful and beneficial practice that can help you create a clean and positive energy in your living space.
It is good for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and attracting happiness.
Property cleansing can be done by yourself or a professional using various methods and tools,such as smudging, salt, sound, crystals, and more.

It is important to note that property cleansing is not a one-time thing but a continuous process; it should be done regularly to keep the positive energy vibrant.
If you want to try property cleansing yourself, we encourage you to do so and experience the difference. If you need a professional, feel free to contact Mugwenu Doctors.
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